I know, i’m not alone – am I?

आँखें खुली थी पर मालूम न था …
मे सोया था या फिर खोया था …
थोड़ा सुकून मिला जब पता चला …
मे मेरे प्रश्नों मे ही उलझा था …

– शीतल पटेल

I know.. I’m not alone / only one here. ?

My take:
One doesn’t need to answer all of the questions.

Do you remember in your school exams when you were a kid (in India)?

“Answer any three out of five questions..”

So you know only three answers… you are okay and still can get full marks.

I agree with the concept that life is an exam and each life has it’s own/unique test paper. In which I don’t feel that one needs to pass. Just take (try) and if fail…take it again. No one really knows- on how much re-take you are at?
“Because honestly ….no one has passed and no one will be.”

# Nowadays kid needs to answer all questions but they need to choose right from four options. (answer is already there, they don’t need to find/explain they just need to pick the right one(s).) … so my kids may have different thoughts.

As a kid .. if I had time I always attempted to answer all five questions.. which I continued when I should not. Lesson learned!

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